About Dupre Inc. Concrete & Masonry Contractors

Meet The Dupre Team

In 1938, Joseph E. Dupre, Sr. started Dupre Inc. Masonry, working mostly on residential projects. His sons – Joe, Bob and Pal – continued what their dad started and eventually began to include larger, commercial projects to the Dupre scope of service.

In 1999, Joe Jr. was ready to retire and passed the ownership and running of Dupre Inc. Masonry to the third generation, his sons – Joe, III and Peter. Since this time, the brothers have successfully run the business with family members and other wonderful employees, some of which have worked for the company since 1972.

Our Service Area

Masonry is a trade that can only be mastered through years of experience and dedication.

At Dupre, we have committed ourselves to upholding our family name by producing quality masonry projects for customers in Bristol County and surrounding areas for over 75 years.